Dingyao丨Tibet leaders visited Zabuye source, grid, load, storage integration integrated energy suppl


On the afternoon of July 26th, Ren Wei, member of the Standing Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region Party

Committee and executive vice chairman,Basang, member of the Standing Committee of the Shigatse Municipal Party

Committee and executive vice mayor,and Cao Wei, secretary of the Zhongba County Party Committee of Shigatse City,

went to Zabuye Source, Grid, Load and Storage Integrated Integrated Energy Supply Project in Tibet for investigation and guidance.


Leaders were present

Tibet Zabuye Source, Grid, Load and Storage Integrated Integrated Energy Supply Project

Through field investigation, the leaders had a more intuitiveand comprehensive understanding of the

actualsituation of the photovoltaic project under construction in our company, and instructed the

company's leaders and the person in charge of the project under construction to always grasp the quality

and safety management of the project,conscientiously implement the safety production responsibility

system, abide by the safety production rules and regulations, and enhance the sense of work responsibility


Photographed in the photovoltaic area

   Tibet Zabuye source-grid-load-storage integrated energy supply project began construction

on March 27, 2023,and as of June 30, 2023, 10MW photovoltaic power generation has been

successfully completed as planned, and the project department of our company is currently

in full swing for construction, and plans to complete the full-capacity grid-connected   power

generation of the entire photovoltaic area before September 30, 2023.

After the inspection, the leaders expressed satisfaction with the progress of the photovoltaic project and thanked the positive contributions made to the development of the Tibet Autonomous Region, and our company will continue to serve the national strategy, practice the "dual carbon" goal, help ecological civilization, strictly implement responsibilities, prevent accidents, eliminate the occurrence of dangers, and ensure the steady and orderly development of the

Zabuye Yuanhe Energy Storage Comprehensive Energy Project in Tibet.


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